I am Justin Moon, and I build traditional furniture. I make all of my pieces by hand, with hand tools. Since 2012 I have pursued this craft out of a desire to build useful things in a personal and lasting way, I have done nothing new, nor will I. In fact it is the old methods that I have studied and continue to seek out.

I am at a point where I must make a decision regarding the direction of what I want to do, either employ modern power tools to increase my productivity and make more pieces in popular styles, or stay the course and make less, but keep the personality of my work intact.

This journey has taken me from a cramped 1 car garage building a Spanish extension table with a handsaw and a set of chisels to a 25 acre farm felling trees and milling my own lumber for my own pieces and select commissions. But the tools and methods while certainly expanded, have largely stayed the same throughout. 

When I think back on some of the projects that I've been privileged to make in my early efforts, I am so thankful for the challenges that some of them have been, and how they have ultimately shaped me as a craftsman more than I shaped them as pieces. Some of those pieces, and I can not tell you why, but at the time I was asked to build them, I frankly did not know how, I just knew I could. For those of you that have challenged and supported me in those early efforts, I can't thank you enough. I hope the pieces bring you usefulness for generations, as that is what I endeavored to create, and did so beyond the best of my ability, as each of them stretched my knowledge and understanding and shaped my skills. From my heart, thank you.

So my decision is to continue pursuing what I ultimately sat out to do, make pieces of generational quality using traditional tools and methods, from resources that I can harvest myself. While I will always consider commissions and repairs, they will be within this style and only meaningful and personal pieces. I have invested thousands of hours to progress to this point in this method, and it is deeply apparent that there is no turning back. So I must now be selective in what I choose to accept to make.

I will be using this website and some limited social media to show some of the projects and processes going forward, as well as to tell the story of some of those pieces from my early efforts. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please don't hesitate to contact me, Also if you have a repair inquiry on your antique pieces, please also feel free to ask me anything. I would love to talk with you about creating a custom piece from your trees, or mine. Especially if that tree has a story, I'd love to be a part of it.